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Filter out junk email!  Set email alerts for important emails!
Prevent the light from blinking at you when you receive unimportant emails!
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MailMinder 2.0 - Enhanced Email Management

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  • To install this utility, enter an email address that is accessible on your BlackBerry:
  • You will receive an email from CellAvant with download instructions.
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  • MailMinder 2.0 for BlackBerry Trackball/Trackpad Devices - $2.99
  • MailMinder 2.0 for BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2 - $2.99
  • MailMinder 2.0 is also available from BlackBerry App World under the "Productivity/Productivity" category


  • MailMinder allows you to set rules that are automatically applied to all of your incoming email messages. You can base rules on the following criteria:
    • Full Email address of the sender
    • All or part of the subject of the email message
    • Messages with no subject (NEW in 2.0!)
    • Domain (or partial domain) of the sender (NEW in 2.0!)
    • All or part of the sender name or email address (NEW in 2.0!)
    • Messages from anyone in your address book (NEW in 2.0!)
    • Messages from anyone who is NOT in your address book (NEW in 2.0!)

  • When new messages arrive, the rules you set can automatically do one or more of the following whenever you receive a matching email:
    • Refrain from blinking the indicator light on the phone
    • Mark the email as read
    • Delete the email
    • Alert you that an email received (now using configurable BlackBerry notifications, NEW in 2.0!)
    • Blink the indicator light with one of a variety of colors (NEW in 2.0!)
    • Forward the email message to another address (NEW in 2.0!)
    • Change the priority of the email message in your Inbox (NEW in 2.0!)

Utility Information...

  • Version 2.0.7
  • 280KB
  • Updated 5/18/2010


  • BlackBerry Trackball/Trackpad Device, OS 4.2.1 or above
  • BlackBerry Storm or Storm 2, OS 4.7.0 or above

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