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TalkLock™ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize the background image on the lock screen?

Obtain a PNG format image file of your desired background. The image should be the same dimensions as your device's touch screen. Save this on the device in the home/user folder of Device Memory with the name TalkLock-Background.png. You must do a full reboot before the new background image will display.

If I unlock the screen to use the keypad, how can I lock the screen again?

When a phone call is connected, TalkLock adds a system-wide “Lock screen during call” menu item. Use this menu item to re-activate TalkLock until your call ends. When your phone call ends, TalkLock will automatically release control of the touch screen and remove this system-wide menu item.

The lock screen is displaying with the keyboard at the bottom of the screen, and half the screen at the top, and I can’t see the slider. How do I fix this?

The reason you are getting half a screen picture and the keypad at the bottom is that Compatibility Mode has been mistakenly enabled. (This is a mode on the Storm that allows applications that have not been built for the Storm to run.) You’ll want to disable that mode by going to Options/Advanced/Applications, highlighting TalkLock in the applications list and pressing the Menu key, then from the menu select “Disable Compatibility Mode.” Everything should then be working properly.

The lock screen is not engaging during phone calls. How do I fix this?

Check your Permissions settings by going to Options/Advanced/Applications, then when the application list appears, scroll down to TalkLock and highlight it. Then press the menu button and select Edit Permissions. Make sure all of your TalkLock application permissions are set to “Allow” and then save the change. Finally, do a full device reboot by pulling out the battery and then re-inserting it.

The screen lock does not engage when I use the phone while my device is password protected and locked. Is this normal?

Yes it is. Unfortunately RIM does not allow 3rd party applications to use the screen while it is password protected and locked. TalkLock should continue to work while your phone is not locked, even if it has a password.

How do I uninstall TalkLock?

TalkLock runs in the background as part of the operating system, so you will not find an icon for the application in your folders. To remove TalkLock, use the Options program. Choose Advanced Options and then Applications. Locate TalkLock in the application list. Click the menu button, and choose Delete. You must reboot your device to complete removing TalkLock.

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