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RingScheduler™ - Change Ring Settings by Time/Appointments - Version 1.0.35

Would you like to automatically change how your BlackBerry rings by time of day and based on your calendar appointments?
Are you always turning off your ringer and then missing important calls because you forgot to turn it back on?

With RingScheduler, you can automatically prevent your BlackBerry from making noise during inappropriate or inconvenient times, while at the same time alerting you when certain people are trying to call you.

RingScheduler - Change Ring Settings by Time/Appointments
  • Automatically change how your phone rings (e.g., normal, loud, vibrate, quiet) by time of day and day of week, and based on your calendar appointments
  • Set exceptions for selected contacts
  • Very easy to use!
  • Want to try it FREE for 7 days, click HERE.

Purchasing RingScheduler...

  • RingScheduler for BlackBerry Trackball/Trackpad Devices - ON SALE FOR $1.99
  • RingScheduler for BlackBerry Torch/Storm or Bold/Curve running OS 7.x - ON SALE FOR $1.99
  • RingScheduler is also available from BlackBerry App World under the "Productivity/Productivity" category


  • Choose what Sound Profile (e.g., Normal, Loud, Vibrate Only, etc.) you would like your phone to use during certain times of the day and for certain days of the week.
  • Choose what Sound Profile (e.g., Normal, Loud, Vibrate Only, etc.) you would like your phone to use for: (1) all calendar appointments; or (2) calendar appointments where the time is or is not set to free, tentative, busy, or out of office; or (3) calendar appointments with certain keyword(s) in the subject of the appointment.
  • Set an on-the-spot (“impromptu”) rule to change your ringer (sound profile) for a set amount of time, after which it will automatically go back to your default setting.
  • Set exceptions to be notified with a vibration, sound, or both when certain contacts are calling you. For example, you can have your ringer (sound profile) set to ‘silent’ overnight or during important meetings (by setting a time-based rule, calendar-based rule, or impromptu rule), but be notified when, for example, your child, spouse, or boss is trying to call you.

Note: BlackBerry device restrictions do not permit changes to your ring settings while your phone is holstered or password locked, but RingScheduler will automatically alert you to momentarily unholster/unlock.

Utility Information...

  • Version 1.0.35
  • 500KB
  • Updated 05/21/2012


  • Any BlackBerry Smartphone, OS 4.3 to 7.x

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